Arlen and Amy Carey

The Ruff Break is wonderful! The service provided by Bert and associates is phenomenal–both in terms of the type of service offered and in terms of the quality of service provided. We love our dogs; Charlie has been with me for over 10 years, and I’ve had Gini for about 7 years, and they are important family members. The Ruff Break staff treats our dogs as if they were well-loved members of their family. Amy and I recently married and traveled to a remote part of Central America for our honeymoon. One of the more difficult decisions we had to make while planning our honeymoon involved caring for our dogs while we were far away and out of contact. We’ve boarded our dogs with kennels in the past, and we’ve always found kennels that ensured our dogs were fed, watered, and in from the cold. But boarding Charlie and Gini has never felt like a great choice because of the standard kennel environment of a concrete-floored pen surrounded by countless, chronically-barking dogs. Also, Charlie and Gini seemed to be treated just like two dogs by kennel staff. During warmer months, we’ve asked some friends to let the dogs in and out of our house during our absences, but we didn’t want to impose on others during the cold holiday season to care for and play with our dogs several times a day. We have never found a pet-sitting service that seemed to be professional, reliable, reasonably priced, and really concerned about the welfare of our dogs. When I ran across the website for the Ruff Break, it looked like it may be the perfect solution. With The Ruff Break, Charlie and Gini could stay in their home, get some great exercise, be cared for and played with by responsible adults who love, appreciate, and understand dogs. Bert, the owner, came by to meet our family, he asked great questions about the dogs and our expectations, he spent some time getting to know our dogs and their routine, and he and the dogs quickly bonded. Bert let us know that bringing in our mail and making sure everything stayed fine with our house were included services. Our great initial meeting with Bert allowed us to enjoy our time away having full confidence that our dogs were being well-cared for. We returned to find our dogs happy, healthy and resting in their home. Bert filled us in on how the experience went for Charlie and Gini, and it was clear that he was truly invested in their well-being and happiness. Our house was in great shape, too. We appreciated The Ruff Break so much that we’ve used their services on two subsequent out-of-town weekends. We intend to be long-time customers. If you love your dogs and want them to be well-loved and well-cared-for while enjoying all the comforts of home while you are away, The Ruff Break is the way to go! I also want to mention that The Ruff Break is an economical choice. The wonderful services they provide cost less than standard boarding–and one doesn’t have to worry about drop-off/pick-up. Your dogs can be enjoyed until the moment you leave home, and they are there to welcome you upon your return. We are delighted that we found The Ruff Break, and we strongly recommend their services!