James and Christy Godwin

When we adopted Tucker, we thought he was a typical Labrador, but somehow he wound up with much more energy! My family has always had labs, so my wife and I were pretty sure what to expect. We were wrong! No matter how many times we walked Tucker or brought him to the dog park, he always had energy to spare. That’s when we turned to the Ruff Break. He gets Ruff Breaks three times per week and Fast Breaks twice per week. Tucker is such a pleasure after his Breaks. He wants to cuddle rather than sprint around the house. Bert has even taught us to bike with Tucker and other ways to help him use his energy. Now I can give him a good run before I go to work and my wife can take him out to bike when she gets home. With an outlet for his energy, Tucker is a completely different dog. That is, he’s the dog we always wanted.