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Adventure calls! Answer by heading for the great outdoors with your dog. WagletWorks gear is clever, handy stuff for people on the go, who may happen to go with dogs. We are outfitters for canine adventure!

WagletWorks Adventure Dog Gear

The only humane society we know of that lets volunteers walk, run and bike with dogs!
Paws & Claws Humane Society

Exercise is not only important for dogs, it’s also important for their owners. Zumba Fitness blends different styles of dancing to provide an exhilarating exercise experience.
Zumba Fitness in Rochester MN

We are Hockey fans! Local adult Hockey leagues in Rochester MN.
Adult Hockey Leagues

Our source for winter dog sports.

Jiu-Jitsu… the “real deal” right here in Rochester MN
Mario Roberto Jiu-Jitsu Academy