Measuring Performance

We are active participants in your dog’s exercise…

  • Why measuring is important – Measuring progress on Ruff Breaks is a great way to keep you, the owner, informed and actively engaged in your dog’s Ruff Breaks. Its also a great way for us to spot signs of concern if your dog’s performance starts to decrease. Periodically we will measure your dog’s performance on Ruff Breaks and over time develop an accurate picture of your dog’s “sweet spot” Ruff Break distance and speed. Every dog is different, which is why objectively measuring performance is such a great tool. Along with statistics, every once in a while we will map our exact route and send it to you. You will see exactly where we were with your dog on that given day.

  • Attention to details – The graphic below shows data compiled over several months on two German Shorthaired Pointers that we regularly exercise. Initially we started off slowly (slowly is relative for these two!) because of a knee surgery we were helping to rehabilitate earlier that year. Notice how they progress over time in distance, speed, and duration. In November they were reaching top speeds of 23-24 mph and running distances of 8+ miles in one Ruff Break!

  • Increasing the intensity – Finally, notice the last few Ruff Breaks on the graphic. These dogs clearly needed more of a challenge so we slowly started introducing them into weight pulling. At first it may look like their performance dropped, but they are actually running and pulling weight at the same time. These are intense dogs and need all the exercise they can get! Again, every dog is different and we always tailor our Ruff Breaks specifically to your dog’s physical abilities.

Exercise data and statistics on dogs