PCHS Exercise Volunteer Class

Paws and Claws Humane Society (PCHS), located here in Rochester MN, is one of the most forward looking animal rescue shelters we have ever known. We have been volunteering with PCHS for many years, and along the way have formed lasting bonds with their staff, fellow volunteers and of course the dogs. We approached PCHS with an idea for an exercise volunteer class a few months ago. A class where volunteers would learn how to exercise shelter dogs using bicycles, which allow dogs to run as fast as they desire, in a controlled manner. PCHS thought the class would be a great addition to their already generous volunteer program and so we trained the shelter’s first exercise volunteer a couple of weeks ago. We shot some video of the class showing a volunteer and Kiaha, an actual shelter dog with no experience running next to a bike, go from walking to running carefree next to the volunteer on a bike along one of the many trails connecting PCHS to the community.

p.s. Kiaha has since been adopted!

Here is the link in case the video plays too slowly: PCHS Exercise Volunteer Class